Murthy suggests early elections to fill his spot

The head of the University chapter of the American Association of University Professors hopes to cut his term short.
V. Rama Murthy, president of the University AAUP, denied reports that he decided to step down last week, saying instead that he hopes to hold early elections to fill his position.
Murthy said that he wants the AAUP leadership election, which usually takes place late in spring quarter, moved up to March. He hasn’t decided whether to run again for the post he has held since May 1996.
Murthy said that a heavy class load spring quarter and his position as Institute of Technology lower-division adviser influenced his decision to request that the election be moved up.
“The amount of time required to be president is enormous,” Murthy said. “I’m trying to ease myself out.”
Virginia Gray, chairwoman of the Faculty Consultative Committee, said that early last week Murthy told her he was going to resign, but that later she heard otherwise.
Murthy said the AAUP will wait until after the faculty union election, scheduled for Feb. 11 and 12, to discuss changing the date of the leadership elections.
— Jennifer Niemela