The demise of Harvard Market: Is the University community losing its distinctive flavor?

Is it just me, or were others appalled, upset and even saddened by the closing of Harvard Market? Sure, the cereals as well as most items in the store were ridiculously overpriced âĦ but where am I to turn when I need my Lucky Charm fix?
I am also surprised no students raised a big stink âÄî or even a protest. Then again, we all must be âÄútoo busyâÄù to see what is happening right under our noses to even care.
There is that need for change. Out with the old and in with the new. The old becomes replaced with more new, sterile student housing with a pharmacy below just in case you need cold meds at midnight. Sure, in the end I may save a buck or two by waiting to buy the basic breakfast components of milk and cereal at the chain grocery store. But then I would miss out on that funny story about biking to buy eggs, slipping, and nearly falling on the ice just to get there. Can one put a price on character?
IâÄôll leave that up to you. In this particular case, I believe that great character can only be achieved with 106 years of practice.
My fellow students, I urge you to take more notice of your surroundings and to appreciate and take pride in the small stuff before it disappears. Because sometimes, you donâÄôt know what you got âÄôtil itâÄôs gone. Five years from now, what kind of a campus will I come back to? One that has sold out to all the hype and big business? Or will it be one that still holds certain character on the student-walked streets of Stadium Village? Perhaps only time will tell.
As for me, my milk is still waiting for its Lucky Charms.