Sheriff’s office pressured to stop selling foreclosed homes

Local groups gathered outside sheriff sales to protest foreclosures.

A coalition of local grassroots organizations sought a meeting with Hennepin County Sheriff Richard Stanek Wednesday to encourage the end of foreclosed home sales. The Association of Community Organizaton for Reform Now, the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign and the Economic Crisis Action Group were among the participants. According to PPEHRC national organizer Cheri Honkala, about 150 people joined the demonstration. A press advisory released by ACORN stated, âÄúThis new coalition is calling for Sheriff Stanek to affect a moratorium on local home evictions and foreclosures.âÄù Stanek wasnâÄôt in his office today, but demonstrators were given time with Chief Deputy Mike Carlson and County Commissioner Gail Dorfman. Honkala called the meeting with Carlson a âÄúgood first step victory.âÄù The organizers and the sheriffâÄôs office reached two agreements during the meeting. The first said that Stanek has agreed to meet with the organizations. The second indicated that the meeting would be set up within a couple days. Officials at the sheriffâÄôs office said sheriff sales are mandated by state law and ending them would be breaking that law. However, sales are conducted âÄúin a professional and compassionate way.âÄù Demonstrators also hoped to disrupt the sheriff sale that took place Wednesday morning. According to Lisa Kiava, spokeswoman for the sheriffâÄôs office, usually about 20 properties are sold each day, but only five properties were bought while the protesters were present.