U should review fees chairman controversy

An investigation of the legality of Niemic’s ouster is needed.

Luke Schieve

Why is it that the one single time the recording of a student government meeting would actually be needed, it disappears? I believe that the lack of any consensus regarding what happened Friday between Sean Niemic and the Administrative Units Committee of the Student Services Fees Committee, as well as the numerous dissenting letters sent to The Minnesota Daily, justify a formal investigation of the AUC affair. There are two possible scenarios, both of which are potentially legally unjust. The scenarios are such: A. The seven members of the club illegally removed Niemic from his position. Regardless of reason, this would be unfair, and the seven members would need to be reprimanded and the vote taken again in a legal manner according to the rules. B. Niemic was legally removed by a majority of the club, and now slander has been lodged against the clubâÄôs good name. In this case, those responsible for charging the club with an illegal vote would potentially be charged with slander or asked to cease and desist. In either case, critical evidence is missing, which makes this occurrence all the more scandalous. A formal investigation is necessary for both the publicâÄôs peace of mind, as well as for the sake of the innocent party. The details should be made public to the University community so that we may continue to have any sort of faith in the student government organizations, which represent not just the University of Minnesota, but all the students and faculty who call it their own. For the sake of the whole community, I implore University administration to take action and set the record straight once and for all. Luke Schieve University undergraduate student