Stadium Village puts faith in directory

Businesses hope the coupon-filled pamphlet will increase foot traffic.

Stephanie Laumer

A lack of business in Stadium Village from light-rail construction prompted businesses to create a directory to raise revenue.

The directory, which will likely come in the form of a informational pamphlet with coupons, is solely for businesses in Stadium Village and would exclude those in Dinkytown and other University of Minnesota-area business hubs.

The directory is still in the planning stage, but will be available in mid-February, said Christopher Ferguson, president and CEO of Bywater Business Solutions who came up with the idea. He proposed the project to the Stadium Village Commercial Association at their January meeting.

The idea is to use University sporting events to hand out the directory to students and community members.

âÄúWe are looking to drive traffic into Stadium Village,âÄù Ferguson said. According to him, there has been less foottraffic in the area than there was at the same time last year, and thus fewer customers.

Ferguson said he hopes that the directory will give people an easy way to see what is in Stadium Village whether theyâÄôre residents or just visiting.

Nancy Pribyl, SVCAâÄôs board president, said the directory could be the solution for some struggling businesses.

The directory will include a map with a layout of the businesses and parking lots in the area. It will be intended for short-term use and the coupons included will expire in the summer.

The Dinkytown Business Association has created brochures and maps highlighting businesses in the past. They have never partnered with Stadium Village before, but Skott Johnson, the associationâÄôs director, said they would if SVBA approached them.

âÄúSometimes people have to partner together for financial reasons,âÄù he said.

Ferguson said SVBA would be willing to work with Dinkytown on an all-inclusive directory in the fall.