Practicing safe cinema

Sean McGrath

Man, I just saw some scary Heebie Da Jeebies. Cinema VD (that’s venereal disease to you freshmen), screening Sept. 25 at UnderCinema’s weekly showcase, is a collection of several Health Department film strips all about … shankers, sores and sexual irregularity. YAY!

Many of the films are recreations of stellar doctor/patient scenes, but then they show patient photos and to quote Voltaire, “Man, that’s some fucked-up shit!” Babies with no noses, red patches all over the place and guys with sores “down there.”

The first film, featuring incredibly robotic doctors, is set in the 70s. The next is a black and white classic from the’50s. Expect conversation such as: -“Golly, Doctor, what am I gonna tell my dad?” -“Give me her name, Donny, give me the name of the girl that did this to you.”