Damage deposit disputes on the rise

Due to the struggling economy, University of Minnesota Student Legal Services is already experiencing an increase in damage deposit cases this year. Cases involving disputes between landlords and tenants as a whole are also up this year. University Student Legal Services attorney Bill Dane said deposits are becoming a big issue because of the economy. He said in some cases, the landlord has spent the money and doesnâÄôt have anything for the students when the lease is up. Dane said the best way for students to prevent a dispute is to document the unit with photos and eyewitnesses when they move in. He said some landlords consistently give only a percent of the deposit back to all of their renters, in hopes that the difference will be small enough that the renter will not challenge them. Dane said when a student fights for their deposit back âÄî even if itâÄôs a small amount âÄî it helps future renters.