MSA candidates run with narrower focus

Fabiana Torreao

Focusing their campaign on transportation and on-campus dining, Minnesota Student Association presidential candidate Matt Clark and his partner for vice president Rachel Boeke intend to carry the momentum of this year’s MSA into next year.
Clark, a 21-year-old marketing and finance junior from Chicago, is the current MSA vice president.
He and his former fellow marching band member, Boeke, 21, plan to set an agenda for MSA that would focus on a small number of issues impacting the majority of students.
“Focusing on two issues rather than 30 is going to enable us to do a better job,” Clark said.
From their list of nine goals, improving on-campus dining and transportation are the two of higher priority for the duo.
Clark and Boeke, a junior in individualized studies from Mankato, Minn., propose to mobilize University students through surveys and petitions to achieve their goals. They want students to work with the University dining services in order to improve the quality and prices of food.
They also propose to continue MSA activities to develop the U-Pass, an unlimited pass for Metro Transit for $50 per semester, and to improve the hours of operation of the 10th Avenue Bridge Circulator.
Women’s safety at the University, another on-campus sports stadium, student banking needs, affordable housing and the student services fees process are also issues of high priority on Clark and Boeke’s platform.
They also plan to strengthen the St. Paul campus voice on MSA.
“Some of our projects are so big in nature that it’s going to need to mobilize the whole campus,” Clark said. “MSA can’t get things done, but with thousands of students behind us, we have a strong voice.”
The MSA experience builds on their future goals. They both aspire to politically active careers.
Clark would like to work for a bank or a company active in the Twin Cities. He would also like to eventually run for mayor of Minneapolis.
Boeke’s plans involve becoming a full-time organizer and activist or opening a political theater.
Clark said with his business background and Boeke’s ability to get people involved, they can mobilize the campus and offer ways to get things done.
Clark and Boeke’s campaign Web site is They have been endorsed by the Panhellenic Council and have received support from the Recreation Center, the University Marching Band, Carlson School of Management, Minnesota Public Interest Research Group and MSA itself.

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