Set wieners to: tasty

This West Bank restaurant makes fantastic hot dogs.

WHAT: The Wienery WHERE: 414 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55467 There is a place not far from here, across the cerulean waters of the fabled Mississippi, where friends and neighbors converge to eat heartily from a venerable smorgasbord of delights rivaling the sweet ambrosia of the gods. This culinary Olympus stands firm on the West Bank, shielding young wayfarers from the bitter cold and warming their bones with a food that is the everlasting epitome of American cuisine: the hot dog. This magnificent sanctuary is called The Wienery, and while it may be a stretch to compare the Cedar Avenue eatery to the fictional mountain home of the Greek deities, the food is pretty darn delectable. The unkempt little shop looks like a failed T.G.I. FridayâÄôs , with randomly placed paraphernalia covering the dingy walls, a broken-down piano in the back corner and no more than four battered old tables to dine at. Recently featured on the Food Network TV show âÄúDiners, Drive-ins and Dives ,âÄù the Wienery lives up to the title of the latter, but this only makes the mom-and-pop-restaurant that much more endearing. Combine that with fast and friendly service and you have the perfect atmosphere for gorging yourself on the immaculate foods at your disposal. The wiener, obviously, is the premiere item on the menu, which ranges from the traditional Chicago-style to more unique dogs like the Hairy Brain, a wiener covered in mayonnaise, cheese and sauerkraut, or the Upsetter, a cholesterol nightmare that has bacon, your choice of cheese and, strange as it sounds, any style of egg. The Chicago is flawless; topped with a heavy dose of relish, tomato, onions and pickles, it is sure to fill you up and treat you right. For those of you with a spicy disposition, the Tasmanian Devil is topped with chili so incredibly hot that it will likely induce a vision quest and make Johnny Cash appear to you in Space Coyote form. On the other end of the menu lies the hearty burger and wiene-wich selection. The Selamu burger is a particular treat, loaded with hot peppers and hand-formed with garlic inside. If youâÄôre looking for a good sandwich, the Philly cheese steak or the tuna melt will surely tickle your fancy. Of course, being dubbed The Wienery, a hearty selection of thick and fatty sausage is to be expected, but the ramshackle joint has a surprising amount of vegetarian options. For the herbivores among us, they offer vegan tofu dogs and vegetarian bratwursts that match the flavor of their meaty counterparts. The Wienery also offers a massive all-day breakfast menu that beats out PerkinâÄôs in both taste and price. Omelets are made to order with pretty much anything you can think of thrown inside âÄî from giant broccoli to mock duck. In addition, the Wienie MacMuffin is vastly better than those of certain clown-centric competitors. But the best part of The Wienery experience for you broke college students and recently unemployed folk might just be the unbelievable prices. A dog is going to run you $3.50 at the most, and the ritziest item on the menu, the Everything Omelet, is only seven bucks. But donâÄôt think for a second that the low price is indicative of a low quality or quantity of food. The Wienery offers sizeable portions that are sure to push you to your limits and make you crave for more. YouâÄôll leave The Wienery with a waddle in your step and a little change in your pocket. What more can you ask for?