Students protest Iraq, Afghanistan wars

Last week marked the six-year anniversary of U.S. troops invading Iraq.

Members of Students for a Democratic Society and other coalitions marched through campus Thursday afternoon, waving an upside down American flag and chanting to protest military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Similar protests have been held annually on campus to mark the anniversary of the U.S. militaryâÄôs invasion of Iraq. The six-year anniversary occurred during spring break, but organizers chose to postpone the protest to a time when more people would be on campus. ThursdayâÄôs protest was organized by SDS, a student group that aims to emphasize the importance of organizing a strong movement to end the war in Iraq. Erika Wurst , gender, women and sexuality studies senior and member of the WomenâÄôs Student Activist Collective , said she thinks overall public opinion is solidly against the war. âÄúWe have let the government do too much,âÄù Wurst said. âÄúWhen in reality, the government is supposed to work for us, and not against us.âÄù Wurst said she hopes, with the Obama administration, âÄúwe can take back the reigns of our own government, instead of just letting it run amuck,âÄù she said. Melissa Hill , a member of the Community RNC Arrestee Support Structure (CRASS), participated in ThursdayâÄôs protest. âÄúWe want this to stop right now,âÄù Hill said. âÄúWe cannot sit here and be complacent because of an administration change.âÄù Stephanie Taylor , a member of SDS, said historically, students have been at the forefront of the political movement, especially at times of controversial U.S. military involvement. âÄúWe are essentially the ones that will have to front the debt this war is creating,âÄù Taylor said. âÄúWe need to realize itâÄôs our futures on the line.âÄù Earlier this year, Obama announced a withdrawal deadline of Dec. 31, 2011 for all U.S. troops in Iraq.