Selling bodily fluids, property can be lucrative student option

Tim Sturrock

With the expense of tuition, books, and the taxes of a student lifestyle, some students sell sperm, plasma, CDs and books when strapped for cash.

At Cryogenic Laboratories in Roseville, men can sell sperm for $40 a pop, but must remain abstinent for at least three days beforehand.

Russ Bierbaum, technical director at Cryogenic, said the sperm bank only accepts 5 percent to 10 percent of applicants.

Bierbaum said the lab turns away most applicants because their sperm count is only average. Acceptable specimens require an above average count to compensate for sperm that do not survive the cryogenic freeze.

Hereditary disease can disqualify an applicant, but not all qualifications are based on physical health.

Bierbaum said most men that apply are comfortable with the fact they will have children they’ll never see but some, on second thought, decline.

As for a less gender-specific money-maker, Aventis Services on Washington Avenue pays for the time required to donate plasma. The process typically takes about an hour-and-a-half and can pay up to $35. Weight and special offers are also payment factors.

But tapping a vein or contributing other bodily fluids isn’t the only way to make a quick buck.

Zero Selon, assistant manager of CD Warehouse on 14th Avenue SE, said his store buys videogames, DVDs and CDs.

Selon said the Warehouse usually pays at most $5 for CDs, but rare imports often fetch a larger price. He said his store has to vary their selection, which means buying everything from the ORB to Michael Bolton.

“We’re more likely to sell the Pixies and we like them better,” Selon said.

Bookstores like the Bookhouse and Cumming’s Books buy books based on condition and current inventory.

Everyday People Clothing Exchange, also on 14th Avenue Southeast, will buy the clothes off your back.

Kitty Youngscap, the store’s owner, said she generally buys name brand and vintage clothes.

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