Trespassers had replica firearm

When Halloween festivities were in full swing after 1 a.m. Saturday, a car full of men harassed some women walking down University Avenue, Kevin Malmquist, a history and Latin senior, said. After Malmquist and another student told them to leave, one of the passengers asked one of the men he was with, âÄúHey, where did you put the gun?âÄù according to a police report. âÄúThey started looking for it in their car like they didnâÄôt know where it was,âÄù Malmquist said. Then, after they threw trash out of their car and âÄúfiddled around for a little bit,âÄù the front passenger pointed the gun at Malmquist and his friends, he said. Members of Sigma Nu fraternity called police and reported the license plate number of the car, which the police pulled over a block away from the house, University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said . Inside the car, police found the gun, a bb pistol that looked exactly like a regular gun, according to the report. Police arrested the front passenger, Sammy Idris , 19, and took him to Hennepin County Jail for carrying a weapon without a permit. One passenger, a minor, 16, was cited for not carrying valid identification. The two other passengers, Giovanni Blakey and Abenet Amare, both 20, were cited for underage consumption. U student still in âÄúsatisfactoryâÄù condition Kenya Ollie is recovering at the Hennepin County Medical Center after being shot in the stomach early Sunday morning. Her condition is still âÄúsatisfactoryâÄù Christine Hill , HCMC spokeswoman, said. Ollie, a University sophomore, was walking home from a party outside of the Profile Event Center at 26th and University avenues southeast when four shots were fired and Kenya was hit in the stomach, the victimâÄôs sister Shanita Ollie , a sociology senior, said. Even though center owner Giovanni Elli said he doesnâÄôt know of any past problems, Miner said there are many calls to police made from the center and the surrounding area. âÄòSilent WitnessâÄô stolen from residence hall A life-sized cardboard cutout was stolen from the lobby of Territorial Hall Thursday, according to a police report. The cutout, one of several placed around campus, was placed in the hall Oct. 1 to commemorate OctoberâÄôs Domestic Violence Awareness Month and one of the 22 women and eight children who died from domestic abuse last year. Two people were captured on film taking the memorial. The male thief swiped his U Card and entered the lobby with a woman. Within five minutes the two had left the lobby with their loot. Miner said occasionally, people steal things off bulletin boards, but stealing something of this size in broad daylight is unusual considering residence hall security measures. âÄúThereâÄôs card access and thereâÄôs video cameras,âÄù he said. âÄúApparently that didnâÄôt dissuade the person.âÄù The doors only open to U Card access, Miner said, which means that either a student living in or an employee working in Territorial Hall could have stolen the giant cardboard memorial. -Josh Katzenstein contributed to this report.