Deliveryman robbed at gunpoint outside Lunds

Also, one University staff member threatened another Friday night.

Nicholas Studenski

Land O’Lakes truck driver Carlos Sinche was making a delivery to the Lunds store on University and Central avenues southeast at about 5 a.m. Friday when two men approached him and asked for his money.

Sinche said his was the only truck in the delivery alley. He said he was opening the truck’s rear doors when the two men approached, one showing a gun.

He told the men he wasn’t carrying any money, but they took his wallet and cellphone, according to the Minneapolis police report.

One of the men punched Sinche in the face before running away. Sinche said he wasn’t seriously injured.

Following the incident, Sinche went inside the store to call police and then his manager.

To his knowledge, Sinche said, it was the first time something like this had happened to a driver for his company.

He said he was unprepared for it, and it was difficult for him to return to work the next day.

“It scared me,” he said.

Staff member threatened

A University of Minnesota Facilities Management staff member verbally threatened coworker David Hausauer on Friday night.

After giving the man his assignment at the beginning of the shift, Hausauer said, he ran into the man in the basement of Shepherd Laboratories.

Hausauer said the man was voicing a complaint and started to get worked up. The man became increasingly aggressive, shouting and holding up his fists, Hausauer said. When the man started to walk toward him, Hausauer said, he walked away and called University police.

Police arrested the alleged aggressor and booked him at Hennepin County Jail for fifth-degree assault. According to Minnesota law, a person is guilty of fifth-degree assault if they intentionally inflict or attempt to inflict bodily harm on another person, or if they commit an act “with intent to cause fear in another of immediate bodily harm or death.”

The man had threatened him once before, Hausauer said, and he reported it to a supervisor.

Hausauer said he isn’t sure whether the man will face disciplinary action at work, but he said the incident has made him nervous and he wouldn’t feel comfortable working with the man in the future.

“My heart’s been beating all weekend like I’m running around the block,” he said.