Who’s at fault in the Hong Kong democracy demonstration?

Occupy Central, a civil disobedience movement, just turned into a massive democracy demonstration in Hong Kong. Thousands of protesters paralyzed the main financial district and traffic of Hong Kong, demanding true democracy. The majority of Hong Kong’s people are not satisfied with the “democracy” that the Chinese government promoted. This means that the candidates of the chief executive’s election are selected by a group of 1,200 representatives who are biased — not the rest of the citizens.

However, I was really shocked when I saw a photograph of the protesting area surrounded by tear gas, people being pepper-sprayed, police officers holding rifles and videos of the harmless students being treated violently.

I strongly believe it’s unacceptable to use violence in controlling a crowd of peaceful demonstrators, and I believe the unwise use of weapons, such as tear gas, is an important trigger to anger among citizens.

We, the people in America, are fully enjoying the benefits of democracy. However, do we ever think about how unfortunate it would be to not be able to choose our own leaders?