Car hits Tea House in Stadium Village

Cody Nelson

A car ran into the Tea House Chinese Restaurant in Stadium Village on Monday night.

There were no injuries, but a Minneapolis police officer and Tea House employee say the driver may have been intoxicated.

The driver of the Mercury car hit the 25th Avenue side of the building at about 8:15 p.m. on Monday, the restaurant’s manager Andrew Abercrombie said.

The car made a large hole in the restaurant’s side wall, leaving broken glass scattered out to the sidewalk.

Abercrombie said his staff told him a young, college-aged woman hit the building about ten minutes after the business’s last customers left for the night.

The driver told Tea House staff she was t-boned before running into the business, but there was no visible damage on her vehicle, Abercrombie said.

University of Minnesota sophomore Sebastian Crump went over to the scene after hearing of the incident.

The driver — who Crump said was drunk — was arrested and driven away in a police car, he said.

“You could just clearly tell [the driver] was drunk,” Crump said. “She wanted to have the handcuffs untightened and she wanted to know where her purse was.”

The Tea House will be closed for business on Tuesday, Abercrombie said, as damage is assessed.