College students support Tom Emmer?

I was surprised to see The Minnesota DailyâÄôs article âÄúEmmer rallies college students as race heats up,âÄù not because it was not newsworthy, but because there were students who support Tom Emmer.
As a student at the University of Minnesota who is working my way through college, taking out loans and still struggling to make ends meet, I canâÄôt believe that college students would support a gubernatorial candidate who has proposed cutting an additional $400 million from higher education. We are already struggling.
Tuition has increased by 134 percent in the past 10 years. Students are graduating with increasing debt. To compound the problem, there are no entry-level jobs available to us when we graduate. The combination of a mountain of debt and no good job prospect makes a lot of students resort to serving in restaurants and bars. (According to Emmer, though, we make $100,000 a year working these jobs.)
EmmerâÄôs agenda does not support the young people of our state. His voting history puts corporations over citizens, and as governor, he will continue this trend. Minnesota canâÄôt afford another four years of a governor ignoring our citizens and putting businesses first. Our state deserves better than Tom Emmer.