Vote Cam and Nidhi for MSA

I want to express my support for Cam Holl and Nidhi Khurana. I’ve had the chance to work with them a lot throughout college, especially Nidhi, who is president of the Undergraduate Consulting Club — one of the largest and most active student groups in the Carlson School of Management.
Cam and Nidhi plan to address three main issues: mental health, the cost of college and sexual assault. 
I’m confident in their ability to address these problems effectively because their plans are much clearer than those of other candidates. Regarding mental health, for example, Cam and Nidhi plan to reduce wait times at Boynton Health Services by restructuring its funding and the student service fee process. 
On the same issue, Abeer Nyedah and Sam Marlow use vague descriptions such as, “Pursue the expansion of student support groups and forums.”
Because Cam and Nidhi are experienced campus leaders and have outlined a clear plan for creating positive changes at this school, I’m voting for them in the MSA elections, and I hope you do, too.
Will Kraft 
University student