UDFL supports Tea Party

Good luck, Tea Party: Conservative infighting is always welcome.

Matt Hayward

At the University of Minnesota-DFL organization, we are all about the grassroots, so we admire how the Tea Party movement engages everyday Americans in political discourse. It has been years since one movement has brought together such a diverse group of angry, middle-aged, non-urban, white statesmen âÄî the sort of everyday folks that pay $500 to see Sarah Palin speak at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. After watching PalinâÄôs speech on YouTube, we can honestly say her message against hope and change was worth every dollar we spent to see it. Sarah Palin and her sister-in-Christ Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., have seized our interest more than financial regulatory reform ever could. These women show just how far women have come âÄî so far that they can now fight to give their rights back. Proven leaders are at the core of a movement that sprouted organically from the bottom up. As fellow Minnesotans, we admire Rep. BachmannâÄôs readiness to speak in front of any microphone she can (except when congressional ethics rules get in the way). Not one Minnesota politician brought such national respect to our humble state since Jesse Ventura. This movement has been so successful because of what it stands against: death panels, taxes, government and the scourge of communism infiltrating our homeland. In the end, it appeals to the most fundamental virtues of real Americans: blind patriotism and populist anger. They elevate our public debate with their catchy slogans and flashy signs. They are so patriotic, they even make sure to call President Barack Hussein Obama by his full name. UDFL has a personal message for all Tea Party patriots: Thank you for how you have enhanced our politics. Thank you for bringing fresh, new, innovative ideas to the Republican Party like tax cuts and deregulation. As your spokesmen have proven through repetition, our economic recovery could be so much swifter if we would simply downsize government to a force just large enough to invade oil-rich countries. You have also made us more aware of the real issues facing our country today, such as the monstrous debt. We are now so concerned about debt that we hope our elected officials would propose something drastic like a freeze on discretionary spending or a fix for skyrocketing Medicare costs. Also, thank you for speaking out against politicians and the mainstream media who indulge them. After all, it is the liberal media who misled Americans into supporting the war in Iraq and now fail to give groups like yours the amount of coverage you deserve. Nevertheless, you understand the importance of our First Amendment rights. After all, you support the rights of all corporations, even those from outside our borders. Furthermore, we thank you for your opposition to teleprompters âÄî damnable devices that only serve to make our elected officials sound polished and coherent. We appreciate that Palin doesnâÄôt use a teleprompter because we know that she speaks from the heart, or at least the hand. We are proud that you have become a growing force in American politics. The massive Republican sweep in one federal election shows that the tide has truly shifted. Congratulations! But donâÄôt stop there. We want you to be an even larger force. Run candidates in more elections, especially Republican primaries. Or maybe you can run third-party candidates in close races. Just imagine if you could replicate last yearâÄôs race in New YorkâÄôs 23rd District in every Republican-held district across America! As you decide on the best course forward, we recommend that you beat the Republican Party into submission. As Democrats, we know just how good party infighting is for advancing meaningful reform. We hope that you remain a major political force in Republican politics âÄì at least during primary season. Finally, as a sign of our support, we offer you Sen. Joe Lieberman. In a world rife with uncertainty, one thing is for sure: he would make one heck of a tea-bagger. Matt Hayward UDFL officer