Minneapolis police

Sarah McKenzie

A University student broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house Feb. 6, only to be caught red-handed, according to a criminal complaint.
Minneapolis police charged General College sophomore Drew Chacon, 21, and friend Jason Magee, 23, with first-degree felony burglary Tuesday. Magee is not affiliated with the University.
Chacon and Magee have a court date set for March 11 in Hennepin County District Court.
“This is just a big misunderstanding,” Chacon said Sunday, while working at a restaurant in Golden Valley. “This was not a burglary.”
According to the criminal complaint, Chacon’s ex-girlfriend, whom the complaint did not name, woke up to the sound of someone walking up the stairs in her southeast Minneapolis apartment Feb. 6. at 2 a.m.
When she went downstairs, she saw Chacon holding her VCR and Sony PlayStation, along with Magee carrying her television set, according to the complaint.
Chacon then explained that he had planned to set her belongings outside in an effort to get her to answer his phone calls.
The complaint states that during a police interview, both men admitted to walking into her home without her permission Feb. 6.
Chacon and Magee left Hennepin County Jail Tuesday night on a conditional release. As part of the release, the men must report to the authorities twice a week until their court date. They cannot contact the ex-girlfriend or any other potential witnesses.
Chacon said he looks forward to clearing his name and his friend’s name in court. Both men have no prior records of theft or burglary in Hennepin County.
The maximum penalty for first-degree burglary is 20 years in jail and a $35,000 fine.