Newby pleads Fifth;

Alonzo Newby, an academic counselor whose testimony could be integral to the investigation into allegations of academic fraud in the Gopher men’s basketball program, invoked his Fifth Amendment rights Wednesday when he refused to speak to investigators.
His attorney, Ron Rosenbaum, stated in a letter written to Donald Lewis, one of the investigators, that Newby declined to speak to investigators because it was “unclear where the investigation would end up.”
Rosenbaum expressed concern that Newby’s testimony could lead to criminal prosecution, since Newby has been accused of delivering illegal payments to tutors for the men’s basketball team.
Tonya Moten Brown, chief of staff to University President Mark Yudof, said if Newby does not speak with investigators, he could be fired. However, Brown said no issues have leaned toward criminal prosecution of Newby.
“Any University employee has an obligation to cooperate on any investigation,” Brown said. Newby’s refusal violates University, as well as NCAA codes, Brown said.
Mark Rotenberg, the University’s general counsel, said Newby has a responsibility to report his actions to his employer, just like any other University employee.
Brown also commented that the NCAA will not look favorably upon anyone who refuses to cooperate with the investigation.

— Sarah McKenzie and Nicole Vulcan