Put your feet up this summer

This is one break we’ve all earned. Take the chance to heed Ferris Bueller’s advice.

The life of a student is not exactly one of moderation. Nine months of part-time jobs, late-night cram sessions and 18-hour days are strung together in a frenzy of motion, broken up only by winter and spring breaks spent nesting in bed till 2 p.m. or watching movies past midnight. Come summer, students deserve a much-needed break.

That said, we hope the workaholics among us make ample time for leisure over the next few months.

A few suggestions: Make lounging at the beach a daily ritual; make lounging in front of the television a nightly affair; read a book – without a highlighter in your hand; cook something other than instant macaroni and cheese or microwavable ramen noodles; go to bed without setting an alarm; stuff your backpack with something other than books; write a check for something other than tuition; drink coffee because you like the taste, not because it keeps you up until 4 a.m.; resolve to not check your University e-mail.

It’s no secret U.S. workers log more hours on the job than workers in any other industrialized country. Nor is it surprising to hear that a sizable percentage of American adults regularly skimp on sleep. As students, we’re no different. Maybe that explains the growing movement for shorter workweeks and more leisure time.

No one ever said higher education was a walk in the park, and there’s plenty of wisdom in the adage that a little hard work never hurt anyone. But a little moderation never hurt anyone either. We all deserve a vacation from time to time. As students, we just deserve an extended vacation through June, July and August.

For those of you wise enough to stay away from summer classes, you’re on the right track to some much-needed recuperation. But for those of you facing a summer of exams and lectures, try and remember the wisdom of Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”