Defeating Michele Bachmann

In one of the strangest political interviews in recent memory, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann told Chris Matthews on âÄúHardballâÄù that she believed Barrack Obama might have âÄúanti-American views,âÄù and called on the media to investigate whether Congressional members also hold anti-American views. If those comments werenâÄôt disturbing enough, Bachmann appeared to take a barb at college students when Matthews asked her what geographic regions in America are anti-American: âÄúI think itâÄôs people who don’t like America, who detest America. And on college campuses, a Ward Churchill, another college campus, a Bill Ayers, you find people who hate America,âÄù she articulated. Although we fail to discern exactly what Bachmann meant, we call on University of Minnesota students to donate money to her DFL opponent Elwyn Tinklenberg âÄî who has received roughly $800,000 in donations from across the nation since Bachmann made the comments Sunday âÄî or Aubrey Immelman, the Republican runner-up in the primaries who, because BachmannâÄôs comments âÄúdishonored her office,âÄù is rejuvenating his campaign with the explicit purpose of derailing the sixth district incumbent. Bachmann recently asserted that Matthews âÄúlaid a trapâÄù for her. âÄúI did not say that Barack Obama is anti-American nor do I believe that Barack Obama is anti-American,âÄù the Star Tribune reported her saying in St. Cloud as YouTube videos of the interview circulated the Internet. LetâÄôs show Bachmann âÄî who voted against the same Pell grant increases in 2007 that President George W. Bush signed into law âÄî that if sheâÄôs going to continue voicing her politically and intellectually backward vitriol, itâÄôs not going to be on behalf of Minnesota.