Wilson Library access limited

Chris Vetter

University students and staff will be unable to access several areas of Wilson Library next week while a sprinkler system is installed in parts of the building.
Because the installation of the new sprinkler system includes work around asbestos, the sections of the basement under construction will be closed Monday to Aug. 16. These sections hold the microfilm collection and bound periodicals beginning with the letters A-P.
Bound periodicals beginning with the letters Q-Z will still be accessible. All unbound periodicals will be moved to the south side of the basement and will be available to the public.
Students will be allowed to request periodicals and microfilm at the library desk starting Aug. 17, but they still will not be able to enter the area. Students will not be able to get bound periodicals themselves from the closed-off section until the project on that area is completed Sept. 13.
Sharon Folk, the library’s building coordinator, said she has tried to make sure everyone is aware of the closing.
“We have put up pop-up signs on Lumina screens to let people know,” Folk said. “We have circulated fliers and put two ads in the Daily.”
The asbestos in the building is not being removed, said environmental specialist Tim Nelson, who is working on the project. The construction workers will work around the asbestos whenever possible, he added.
The asbestos is not a risk because the workers will not allow it to become airborne, Nelson said. Breathing particles of asbestos can harm people’s lungs.
Nelson said when library workers return to the closed-off area Aug. 17, they will be safe and will not need to wear protective masks. But for safety reasons, University students will not be allowed in the area until the project is complete.
The new sprinkler system and a new ceiling are being installed in 24 phases over 28 months and will be complete in August 1998.