Daily Digest, “Case of the Mondays” edition

Mike Rose

The Daily Digest is here to give you a glimpse at University-related news from around the metro and state. The segment will provide a window into how other media outlets cover campus, as well as nuggets of news that might not make the day’s paper. Enjoy! Hope you folks enjoyed the “Office Space” reference in the title today. On to the news… *Here’s one more thing to stress out about: Being stressed can lead to worse grades. The Daily had a story on the new U study in today’s paper, while the Pioneer Press picked up the story on their website, with an amusing “Animal House” reference to boot. *The story on students not being excused from class on Election Day – which ran in the Daily Friday – is still getting coverage. Here’s a quick story from Fox 12 in Mankato reporting that some students are concerned with the policy because they don’t know how long they’ll be at the polls. *The Pioneer Press also reports today that fallout from the falsified stem cell research at the University does not mean further research of the particular stem cell – the MAPC – is without promise. In the Daily last week, researcher Morayma Reyes, a University graduate student at the time, said the paper’s conclusions were not impacted by the falsification finding. That’s all for now. Have a good Monday, folks! Mike Rose City editor