Scuffle at hospital leads to man’s arrest

A University Police officer and a University Hospital employee struggled to restrain a man after a brief scuffle at the hospital.
According to a University Police report, the man was sleeping in the lobby of the hospital early Wednesday morning when employees asked him to leave. The man, who is not a University student, ignored the employees, who then called University Police.
When Officer Pat Gjerde started questioning the man, he became hostile, and yelled and swore at her. The report said that she then asked him to empty his pockets.
He did so reluctantly and pulled something out of his pocket which he hid in his hand. The report went on to say that the man refused to show the officer what the object was.
At that point, Gjerde walked toward the man to handcuff him. The man swung at Gjerde, but missed. Gjerde and a University Hospital protection officer then tackled the man and handcuffed him.

The protection officer, Thomas McKee, said it took both of them to restrain the man.
The report said the object the man was hiding was a crack pipe.
Kenyatta A. Hartfield was charged with disorderly conduct. Police conducted a records check, which showed he had warrants out for his arrest.
He was booked at Hennepin County Jail.
University Police Detective Larry Anderson said Hartfield has been kicked out of the hospital before. “He has been seen resting in the hospital lobby a couple times,” he said. Anderson also said Hartfield had been seen earlier that day.

— Jim Martyka