Biotech conference to draw protesters

Protesters plan to demonstrate against genetic engineering during a biotechnology conference outside the Metrodome Radisson in Stadium Village on Nov. 30.
The biotech conference, sponsored by MNBIO, falls on the one-year anniversary of the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle, Wash.
The Bell Museum will commemorate the date with a screening of the documentary “This is What Democracy Looks Like” at 9 p.m Thursday.
The anti-biotech protests will be accompanied by a counter-conference on campus sponsored by the Minnesota Genetic Engineering Activist Network.
The MN GEAN counter-conference will discuss issues like genetic modification and the relationships between biotech industry and the Food and Drug Administration.
The counter-conference will promote sustainable agriculture and will take place in Smith Hall 100 at 4 p.m.
Another group, the Socialist Alternative, has organized events capitalizing on the WTO protest anniversary.
The organization will also demonstrate in front of the Metrodome Radisson but will focus on protesting what the group calls “the profit-driven motives” of the University.
The conference and its protest comes five months after the International Society of Animal Genetics conference that took place in July.

— Compiled from staff and wire reports.