Students plan march against Russell Athletic

The students are protesting claims that Russell wrongly closed a factory in Honduras.

The Minnesota Public Interest Research Group is planning a march Friday from Coffman Union to University of Minnesota President Bob BruininksâÄô office in Morrill Hall to urge him to cut the contract with Russell Athletic. The march will start at 2:30 pm, and the group intends to drop off petitions and a large cardboard scissor to encourage cutting the contract. MPIRG co-chair Matt Fitzgerald said they planned the protest because Feb. 20 is the last day the administration gave Russell to reply to allegations. Russell is accused of closing a Honduran factory because its workers tried to unionize and attempted collective bargaining within the factory. Both of these claims and others against the apparel company breach the University of MinnesotaâÄôs Trademark Licensee Code of Conduct. Fitzgerald, a broadcast journalism and theater sophomore, said he hopes for about 50 people to march Friday, adding that MPIRG had invited multiple student groups to illustrate the importance of cutting the contract. Check for more.