U Pick: St. Cloud lets citizens name bridge

People in St. Cloud are pondering 10 possible names for the new bridge being built in place of the DeSoto Bridge. The old bridge was demolished after inspectors found that four gusset plates were bending. The Swisshelm name would honor Jane Grey Swisshelm, a journalist and abolitionist who once had her printing press type dumped into the Mississippi River. One nominator suggested the McKelvy Bridge, to honor a judge and former prosecutor whose home was torn down to make room for the DeSoto bridge. Re-using the Desoto name is also one of the choices. Residents will vote for their favorites until April 3, then the city council will choose from the top two or three names. The new bridge, whatever its name, is expected to be done in November. ___ Information from: St. Cloud Times, http://www.sctimes.com