Wrestlers shed pounds carefully

Jamie CheeverâÄôs response to âÄúWeight management down to an artâÄù shows Cheever knows very little about the sport of wrestling and possibly little about the etiology of eating disorders. Eating disorders should be addressed with concern, but this was not the crux of the article âÄîeven though you could infer possible disordered eating patterns. Cheever seems to have selectively read this article, as it does not glorify weight loss practices or methods; rather it is a testament to the dedication of these elite athletes and provides insight into the sport. These athletes participate in a sport that requires a high level of physical and mental conditioning. The training adaptations that occur throughout an entire wrestling season allow these athletes to perform weight loss feats that the average person would not be able to perform or possibly comprehend. ItâÄôs naïve and unfair for Cheever to implicate all wrestlers participating in weight loss behavior as having eating disorders. ItâÄôs just not true or substantiated in research. Cheever is likely unaware of NCAA weight certification guidelines that are in place to protect these athletes or the wrestling staff that is looking out for these men. Cheever also neglects a few major points of interest: No one is forcing these men to participate at the collegiate level and no one is forcing them to âÄúcut weight.âÄù There has not been any research on the long-term implications of weight loss behavior in collegiate wrestlers and psychological or health effects. Please do your homework before passing yourself of as individual who truly understands the issues involved with this sport. IâÄôll leave you with Tyler SafratowichâÄôs quote: âÄúYou canâÄôt be at your wrestling weight all the time because that would take a lot of work and a lot of energy âĦ ItâÄôd drain everything. It [would] drain you mentally, drain you physically âĦ ItâÄôs more about feeling good and performing well âĦ ItâÄôs structured to a point where we donâÄôt have to do crazy things [weight loss methods].âÄù Andy Strand Nutrition graduate student Former Gopher wrestler