Dear Dr. Date,So, …

Dear Dr. Date,
So, Dr. Date, you wanted to know if penis size matters. Here’s a joke for you:
“There was this prostitute who offered $100 for any customer who could satisfy her, otherwise she charged $100. The first man was self-assured with his thick 7-inch penis, but afterward he forked over the $100. The next man had a long 9”-inch penis, but he too handed over $100 when done. The third man had a mere 3-inch penis, but when he left the woman, she smiled and gave him $100. The first two men were shocked and asked him how he did it. The man winked and said, “You just got to use your head!”
Sorry guys, but most women want more than 3-inch in a relationship. Women don’t like guys who are too quick at the draw, either.

Dear Dr. Date,
The reader who wrote in about the size of her boyfriend’s penis is not alone in her unhappiness. I have had many conversations with women about this sort of thing and the truth of the matter is, unless you are in a very stable, long-term relationship in which you plan on staying for life, penis size matters to most women. We will tell you it doesn’t matter to save your feelings, but we will also talk about it with our friends.
If you are a guy who has a smaller penis but is willing to learn to be great in other areas of sex, you have less to worry about. If, however, you are clueless about how to please a woman or don’t care about pleasing a woman, believe me, you are being talked about. (Although, this is true even if you are huge.)
— Size Matters!
Dear Dr. Date,
Yes, penis size matters to me. If you have sex with a guy who has a medium to large-sized penis and then have sex with a guy who has a smaller penis, you are comparing Guy ##2 to Guy ##1. It’s just not the same.
My best friend and I were talking about this because she recently slept with a guy who was (self-proclaimed) hung like a hamster. She said the sex was OK but she didn’t get the same feeling she got when she had sex with her last boyfriend. The first guy I had sex with was small and the sex was horrible, but when I slept with my last boyfriend, he was quite large and we had great sex.
Width also comes into play. Sex is better when he’s wider. Think of it in terms of a curling irons that range in width from 1/4 inch to 2 inches. You could probably tell the difference between 1/4 inch and 2 inches, don’t you think?

(There, that was fine for the girls, but how about the boys? What female physical attribute is most important to you?)