Not in our house

There was one thing that shocked me the most while witnessing the Gophers football game at the Metrodome on Saturday afternoon. Was it that Iowa fans nearly outnumbered Gopher fans? No. Was it that our beloved Gophers were completely destroyed by the opponent? No. Perhaps it was that Iowa’s fans rushed the field and tried to steal our goal posts? No. The thing that shocked me the most was having to watch Iowa’s band play the halftime show.

Hold on a minute, isn’t the Metrodome our stadium? Isn’t it the Gophers’ home stadium? Yes, unfortunate as that may be, the Metrodome is the Gophers’ home stadium.

What kind of second-rate college lets the opponent’s band play halftime at a home game against a big rival? I am quite certain the University’s band was not given an engraved invitation to play the halftime show at Camp Randall Stadium next Saturday when we play Wisconsin.

Sportsmanship is a good thing, but to overextend a welcome hand and give Iowa fans more reason to get excited is a little over the top.

Jon Bottema, graduate student, Carlson School of Management