Police brutality is used for control

The editorial âÄúPolice violence uncalled forâÄù in the Nov. 22 issue of the Minnesota Daily ends with the sentence, âÄúAs Occupy protests continue across the country, protesters must remain peaceful but so must police.âÄù The police in some enlightened cities have been and likely will remain peaceful but those in other places canâÄôt âÄúremainâÄù peaceful because they havenâÄôt been so.

The establishment that runs this country recognizes the Occupy Wall Street movement as a real threat to its power, and it will use any means at its command to end or diminish the movement. Police brutality is a first response to the movement. ItâÄôs meant to intimidate protesters and keep them off the streets. ItâÄôs also used in hopes of inciting a violent response from the protesters so that the police can then set upon them with all the means at their command.

Yes, protesters must remain peaceful, but do not look for police who have used frightfulness against protesters to cease doing so.