A&E’s Arbitrary Awards

Gotta have awards for something, right?

Most post-Mount Vesuvius explosion over-fried chicken tenders âÄî Downtime Bar Prettiest receding hairline âÄî Jude Law Bar where youâÄôre most likely to forget the night âÄî tie: Triple Rock Social Club/Nomad World Pub Best Steve McNair death Tweet award âÄî sports blog Kissing Suzy KolberâÄôs : âÄúSteve McNair murdered, expected to start SundayâÄù Politician whose affair explanations inspire the entire nation to collectively cringe award âÄî Gov. Mark Sanford Movie we sort of remember ruling, but totally sucks upon revisiting award âÄî âÄúIndependence DayâÄù Place where pot smokers are most likely to accidentally fall off a cliff on campus âÄî the small jutting pole buried in a path across from Comstock Hall Politician most likely to be seen drunk, in a pool of self-loathing with French fries stuck to his face âÄî Norm Coleman