Free stuff from MSA: a random event

Rebecca Czaplewski

In an attempt to showcase their organization in a positive light, members of the Minnesota Student Association treated students to lollipops and candy bars in front of Coffman Union on Tuesday to publicize their “Random Acts of Kindness” week.
The event features members handing out free prizes to students across campus. It kicked off on Monday with a candy giveaway in the East Bank Bookstore, and continues through Friday.
Some MSA members believe the week gives them a chance to present their organization to students in a positive way. Hillary Walters, co-chairwoman of the event, said the week gives MSA a way to get its message across.
“The main goal is to get out there and do nice things for no reason — it’s a purely good thing,” Walters said. “It’s a good way to get out to students and talk to them.”
MSA member Laura Beauchane agreed that the event was a way for the organization to be visible to students.
“It’s important to get word out there that MSA is a positive organization that supports the University community,” Beauchane said.
Free tickets to athletic events and University parking passes are slated to be given out later this week at various University-sponsored events. MSA is also holding a clothing drive for a local charity.
Passers-by welcomed the free treats along with hugs from Goldy Gopher, who accompanied the MSA members in front of Coffman Union. Most agreed that events such as the “Random Acts of Kindness Week” help portray a positive image of MSA.
“I think it’s good; it sends out an attitude of positivity and shows something about the student body,” said Angela Erling, a junior in the College of Liberal Arts. “The candy is great.”
Alison Rajek, a CLA freshman, also encountered MSA members Monday in the bookstore.
“It made me smile, which I wasn’t doing after being in the bookstore,” Rajek said. “I think that it’s a good thing and beneficial to students.”