U veterinarians treating descendant of famous racehorse

Christopher Aadland

A descendant of the legendary racehorse, Secretariat, is being nursed back to health at the University of Minnesota, WCCO reported.

Babe, the 21-year-old great-great-granddaughter of Secretariat, the 1973 Triple Crown winner, gave birth to twins – Grace and King — in May on a farm in Southeastern Minnesota. Though her foals are in good health, Babe started experiencing health problems about two weeks after she gave birth, FOX 9 reported.

Babe was raced to the University’s Veterinary Medical Center, where she is being treated for a potentially deadly neurological condition that makes it tough for her to walk, according to FOX 9.

While she recovers, Babe is supported by a sling that allows her to stand and nurse her two foals, according to WCCO.

Babe’s chances of recovery are about 60 percent, according to FOX 9 reported.

Less than 1 percent of twin horse births, which are extremely rare, are successful, according to WCCO.

A GoFundMe page started to raise funds for Horses’ veterinary bills has raised over $6,000 so far. Veterinary costs are expected to be about $10,000, according to FOX 9.