Heed University safety alerts

Mallory Hansen

After receiving countless âÄúPublic Safety AlertâÄù e-mails, what would possess someone to walk around on or near the University of Minnesota campus at 2 a.m.? These threats and attacks are occurring what seems to be every weekend, even mid-week at times. These same incidents are going to continue until further steps are taken to raise awareness on accident and attack prevention, providing more information on âÄúWhat to do if âĦâÄù These incidents will continue until people simply stop giving these criminals easy, vulnerable targets. As much as some individuals love to take full advantage of their weekends away from class and schoolwork, their own safety should be their No.1 concern. Services such as 624- WALK need to be promoted on a higher level, as well as coming up with other services to assist those in need who may not feel safe walking at night or whatever their situation may be. Mallory Hansen, University undergraduate student