Theresa Kay’s Top Ten Trash Films

Joseph Kleinschmidt

Each week, Trash Film Debauchery hosts screenings of the best of the worst movies. The kind of cheap thrills you're too shy to admit you love. So if you couldn't show your face at recent screenings of "Valley Girl" or "Suspiria," check out "Lawnmower Man" at the Turf Club June 12th. Until then, host and founder of the group Theresa Kay picked out ten of her favorite trash films to satiate your guilty viewing pleasure. Links to choice clips from the movies are embedded. (Note: The full 94 minutes of "Starcrash" are currently on YouTube.)

Theresa Kay's Top Ten Trash Films:

The Apple

Dead Alive

Hard Ticket to Hawaii


The Return of the Living Dead

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky



Vampire's Kiss