U student cited for drug possession

Matthew Gruchow

On Sunday, University police responded to a complaint of the smell of marijuana coming from a room in Comstock Hall.

An 18-year-old male student was cited for possession of 2.5 grams of marijuana, according to the police report.

Answering marijuana calls is fairly routine, said Lt. Chuck Miner, of the University Police Department.

Officers answer two to four marijuana-related calls a week in the residence halls, but usually only small amounts of marijuana are confiscated, Miner said.

“These people have just a small amount for personal use,” Miner said.

The majority of the calls regarding marijuana come from residence hall staff, Miner said.

He said University police are stepping up drug enforcement on campus.

“We’re doing more behind-the-scenes things – not so much a uniformed presence,” he said.


A homeless man was found sleeping in a room at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs building Wednesday, according to a University police report.

He had thrown a large amount of garbage around the area, the report states.

Police cited him for trespassing.

On Monday, another man was removed after he was found sleeping in the first floor men’s room of Weaver-Densford Hall.

Trespassing is a routine problem for police and gets more troublesome as the weather grows colder, Miner said.

“It’s happened in quite a few buildings on campus,” Miner said. “As it starts getting colder out, they start looking for a shelter, a place to keep warm.”

Rain drops keep falling

A student Monday set off fire sprinklers in his room at University Village after hanging his clothes from the sprinkler, according to the police report. Two other rooms on the first and second floors received water damage.

The resident was able to stay in his apartment, said Lisa Schulte, assistant director of residential life.

The University did not have a financial damage estimate yet, she said.

Digging in the dirt

On Tuesday, University police took a report from a man complaining that the word “loser” was written in the dirt on his car’s rear bumper, according to the police report.