Women’s center is resource for advice on academics, jobs

by Kelley Yurecko

The Minnesota Women’s Center is a place where students can go to find answers — from financial aid advice to help with math homework. The center will keep assisting the student until it finds the information the student needs.
Started in 1960, the center features program flexibility. There is no set schedule from year to year; the center is what students make of it.
University students suggest programs they want implemented, and the center decides if it will carry the proposal, said Jessica Morgan, the center’s coordinator.
One example of a program is this year’s Offering, Referrals, Answers, Commitment, Listening, Encouragement and Support. The program is designed to encourage students to participate in activities outside of the classroom.
Last year, the center sponsored a program assisting graduate students. The students were able to find answers to questions about entering graduate programs and establishing plans for when they graduate.
The center also offers a number of on-campus amenities, such as the kitchen space that is made available to all students. Students have access to a microwave and a refrigerator.
Another service is the access to the computer room and a study room furnished with couches and chairs.
The center has two scholarship opportunities for women students 28 years and older. Scholarship applicants have to have been out of school for five or more years but want to return to continue or complete their education.
More than 125 women students have received the Carol E. MacPherson Memorial and the Minnesota Alumnae Society scholarships. The graduation rate for these women is 70 percent.
The staff at the Minnesota Women’s Center is made up mainly of students. The staff members can relate to the students they are assisting because they, too, have faced similar situations.
The center is located in Klaeber Court, behind fraternity row on University Avenue. The Fourth Street Parking Ramp is across the road, which is convenient for the evenings the study groups meet at the center.
The center’s hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., but there are certain events that take place after office hours. Students can also visit the center’s Web site at http://www.umn.edu/mnwomen.