#RareCuffs: Ankle exposure

Nick Fritz

It’s true, everyone wants to see your ankles and no one wants to see those grimy knees of yours. It’s time to graduate from full breaks in your pants and get some cuffs on those trousers.

The rarest cuffs are achieved with a certain type of pant. Tapered leg pants are preferable, straight leg is tolerable and anything else is deplorable. Tapered leg will retain that slim silhouette by keeping the cuff close to your leg and have you looking straight out of Junya’s A/W collection.

There are a few places locally to scoop up some proper pantaloons to show off your medial malleolus. Here are the products and the locales.

Levi’s 508 Original Taper
These pants are denim perfection. As I write this I am rocking these bad boys with some street sneaks and a #rarecuff. Denim is denim, so don these whenever you get the chance. Levi’s is discontinuing this fit though and they can not be found online, so you have to hop in your little jalopy and cruise over to the Levi’s store at the Mall of America soon.

Docker’s Alpha Slim Taper Khaki
These pants are not for the thick of legs or caboose. These are for the slimmer man.  If you have the shape though, these are perfect for all of your cuffing needs. Wear them with some double monks or oxfords and no socks during the warmer months. Washed cotton makes them feel like your favorite jeans but with the versatility of khaki. Wear them to the office and then head over to the local watering hole for a brew afterward. Head to Macy’s Nicollet Mall location and grab these ones.

Brooks Brothers Clark Fit Flannel-Lined Chino
If you want the absolute rarest cuff, you run with the flannel-lined chino. Perfect for A/W, striking cuff-ability and perfect with some rugged boots.  These ones from Brook Brothers are a bit pricy, but the versatility and the fact that they are dripping with swagger makes it all worth it. You can split wood in the forest then swoop your girl up for a casual coffee date. Run to Brooks Brothers in downtown to scoop these up.