Fancy Ray McCloney

Fancy Ray McCloney said he thinks the race for governor in Minnesota is a joke.
Political satire and knock-knock jokes cover the campaign brochures of The People’s Champion candidate, but McCloney has some very serious reasons for joining this race.
McCloney said he realized no one was representing people of color and decided to give them a voice through his campaign. His platform centers on the issues of poverty and low-cost housing.
He favors a plan which requires every new housing development to include low-cost units in exchange for landlord tax credits.
McCloney also emphasized the need for compassion when formulating legislation for poverty-stricken Minnesotans.
He supports increased funding for the University, but has no set budget plans at this time. McCloney also advocates attaining a diverse campus through the use of affirmative action, but he dislikes quotas.
“You shouldn’t have someone [admitted] because of color, but when you go into a school as an African-American and everyone is white, you feel disfranchised,” McCloney said.
The entertainment skills McCloney honed as a former lip-sync star and present-day comedian proved useful in campaigning. McCloney connects with voters by “hustling, getting out there and pressing flesh.”
The cable-access talk show host chose his mother as his running mate, citing her “effervescence and personality.”