Smith and Rogen make a movie

âÄúZack and Miri Make a PornoâÄù Directed By: Kevin Smith Starring: Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, Craig Robinson Rated: R Showing: Area Theaters Seth Rogen? Porno? Pittsburgh? For most, these things donâÄôt mix. The idea of Rogen completely naked and thrusting may be funny without any explicit visual reinforcement (thank you, âÄúKnocked UpâÄù), but itâÄôs an idea that may cause blindness in actuality. Risky or not, Kevin Smith and ApatowâÄôs recent main man decided to go for it in âÄúZack and Miri Make a PornoâÄú and, luckily, they succeed in their quest to make your face hurt from laughing so much. The result is hugely entertaining and, no, Rogen doesnâÄôt show his doodle. Creating a film that fuses the Apatow troupe of comedians with Kevin SmithâÄôs Viewaskewniverse productions was an intriguing idea from the start. Together, they could be the perfect storm of funniness, a biological hybrid love child of two magnificently comedic worlds. In âÄúZack and Miri Make a Porno,âÄù Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks play Zack and Miri, best friends and roommates who are hard up for cash. When the utilities get shut off at their apartment, they decide to âÄî of all things âÄî make a porno to pay the bills. Craig Robinson, plays ZackâÄôs co-worker, who fronts the money to produce the film, and hilarity ensues. Those familiar with Kevin SmithâÄôs films such as âÄúClerks,âÄù âÄúMallratsâÄù and âÄúDogma,âÄù will not be disappointed with his departure from the usual geographic center of New Jersey. This time, Smith chose Pittsburgh to shoot âÄúZack and Miri Make a Porno,âÄù and in many ways, it functions the same. His fascination with suburbia and cities that arenâÄôt New York or Los Angeles continues smoothly, despite the shift of states. Kevin SmithâÄôs culture-derived dialogue is there, along with the barred, flagrantly obscene conversations about sex and human relationships, the sci-fi references, the hockey and the nod to trivial jobs. But apart from the obvious comedic aspects of âÄúZack and Miri Make a Porno,âÄù the movie works as a love story, too. Like most of SmithâÄôs films, âÄúZack and MiriâÄù deals with friendship and relationships. This film succeeds because it shows the awkward aspects of love âÄî the clumsy, foot-in-mouth way that things, at times, inevitably are. ItâÄôs about finding out that your best friend could maybe be the one for you. Sometimes SmithâÄôs ranting dialogue doesnâÄôt work and, as a result, its delivery seems contrived. Because of this, there are scenes where the acting in âÄúZack and Miri Make a PornoâÄù falls flat on its face, but the good vastly outweighs the bad. The film works through its faults, keeping its appeal by falling back on strong performances and a stellar script. âÄúZack and MiriâÄù is definitely worth seeing. ItâÄôs even worth getting excited about. If nothing about the filmâÄôs players or production appeals to you, then perhaps you could revel in the fact that this movie was rated NC-17 until Smith contested it repeatedly. Because of this, he may succeed in rescuing his reputation from the deplorable turn it took after âÄúClerks 2.âÄù âÄúZack and MiriâÄù has universal appeal, porno aside.