Battle of the Bands

5 p.m., Jan. 25, Great Hall, Coffman Union,(612) 624-INFO

The kids finally have a place to rock again. On the Minneapolis campus, anyway. Along with the triumphant return of Coffman Union after a 3-year absence, the Great Hall and The Whole Music Club open this week. On Jan. 25, the Great Hall will showcase 13 local bands, including Brice, Leroy Smokes and the Unies, in the Battle of the Bands competition. The lucky winners will be chosen not by the audience, but by four local music industry professionals, including the booking agent from First Avenue. On Feb. 7, the top three bands will be the first official gig at The Whole since Coffman Union closed its doors, and they’ll have a spanking new sound system to get the basement swinging again. (Brianna Riplinger)