The fashionista is in – Fashion folks to know

An intro to the movers and shakers in the fashion world.

The fashionista is in - Fashion folks to know

Kara Nesvig

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is not the only fashion mogul on the planet, folks, despite what the media might tell you. She alone does not dictate the entire world of fashion. ItâÄôs a big place, and there are plenty of other influential folks out there. If you have any scant interest in fashion, itâÄôs good to have a little A to Z guide to who they are and what they do. In addition to understanding their roles, perusing photos of these lovely ladies and gentlemen can serve as perfect inspiration for your own look. Carine Roitfeld: Chic Carine is the editor of Paris Vogue and a favorite of street fashion bloggers like the Sartorialist and JAK & JIL. She started out as a stylist for French ELLE and then joined forces with famed fashion photographer Mario Testino, eventually landing herself a cushy spot at Paris Vogue. âÄúCarine vs. AnnaâÄù is a faux-tiff the media likes to play up, but the two are very different. CarineâÄôs style, both in editing her magazine and in her dress, is less safe than AnnaâÄôs, and fashionistas like myself often prefer Paris Vogue over its American counterpart (and not just because it shows more nudity). Carine and her posse arrive for fashion weeks looking so incredible that theyâÄôd probably (in the words of Rachel Zoe) kill me dead if I saw them on a Paris street. Kate Lanphear: Kate the great is my personal favorite, from her platinum crop to her wrists full of fierce studded bracelets. SheâÄôs a senior style editor at ELLE and a stylist to boot. Her work is always a bit rough around the edges and she likes to flirt with mixing masculine and feminine. Kate is often seen in the skinniest of denim, boyish jackets and very rarely wears any colors that arenâÄôt black, grey or white. Fashion folks go gaga over Kate for her understated sophistication and while I often find myself wondering, âÄúWhat would Kate Lanphear wear to class today?âÄù itâÄôs something you should consider yourselves as well. Andre Lèon Talley: A.L.T. is Anna WintourâÄôs right hand man, a jack-of-all trades and editor-at-large at Vogue. If youâÄôve seen âÄúThe September Issue,âÄù you know that it seems that all Andre really does is hang out with designers and provide comic relief; but he also fosters young designers, gives helpful feedback and helps actresses like Jennifer Hudson pick out Oscar gowns. HeâÄôs rumored to be responsible for hooking Michelle Obama up with Jason Wu, who designed her white, one-shoulder Inauguration Ball gown. The reason I love Andre âÄî besides the fact that he goes to tennis practice decked out head-to-toe in Louis Vuitton and that heâÄôs about 6âÄô7âÄù with a booming voice thatâÄôs impossible to ignore âÄî is because he was the assistant of my favorite fashion editor of all time, the late Diana Vreeland. Anna Dello Russo: Like most fashion editors, A.D.R. rarely wears color. But when she does, itâÄôs the perfect pop: a maize yellow or teal green. The creative director of Vogue Nippon is fearless; sheâÄôs been seen in green feathers, Balmain jackets with ridiculous towering shoulders and tiny miniskirts that most women in their 40s would never dream of donning. I love her for her infectious spirit and her wardrobe clearly conveys that sheâÄôs having fun with fashion, not seriously interpreting it out on the street. Fashion bloggers to know Fashion bloggers are readily becoming more popular and powerful as culture becomes increasingly digital. Bloggers like the 17-year-old Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes are so widely known that Chanel creates a couture gown for them and others, like Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, sit front row at BCBG. A stylish girl wearing some designer garment or American Apparel top can ignite a buying frenzy and designers have realized this. HereâÄôs a list of the fashion blogs on my personal Google reader, so if youâÄôre in stats class right now you can zoom on over to for some in-class diversion. Sea of Shoes: (Jane Aldridge, 17, has an incredible collection of shoes and counts Kanye as a fan.) Atlantis Home: (Her mother, former model Judy, is the Aldridge I prefer.) Garancé Dore: (French street blogger and girlfriend of the Sartorialist Garance Doré) WhoWhatWear Daily: (Daily updates from super-cute Hilary Kerr and Katherine Power.) KarlaâÄôs Closet: (I love KarlaâÄôs haircut and her flawless collection of vintage blazers.)