Brewster made a good impression

by Dennis A. Hejhal

Not. Disgraceful is what I call using University of Minnesota funds for such an ostentatious display. Maybe in the future Mr. Brewster can dip into his own pockets for that kind of stuff. What’s 2200 bucks? In the meantime, President Bruininks, buddy, there is a big church parking lot across from where I live. Can you send a helicopter to pick me up one day soon? I teach math. I try to do it well and my students are impressionable. With the latest budget cuts, the Math Department doesn’t even have enough money to pay for homework paper-graders in our undergraduate classes, something we have had for well over 30 years, and a real boost in helping students learn. Over 900 students are affected. Can anyone say ‘misguided priorities’? Dennis A. Hejhal University professor