Minneapolis City Council approves stadium funding

Bryna Godar

The Vikings stadium passed its final obstacle with a vote of 7-6 in the Minneapolis City Council Friday morning.

The costs of the stadium are split between the city, the state, and the team. The Star Tribune reported that the total city subsidy will be about $309 million for construction and operations, or $678 million when accounting for interest over the life of the deal.

The Star Tribune reported that the council also nullified the 1997 charter amendment that would have required Minneapolis residents to vote on the deal.

Minneapolis Council President Barbara Johnson and Council Members Meg Tuthill, Sandy Colvin Roy, Don Samuels, Diane Hofstede, John Quincy, and Kevin Reich voted for the stadium deal. Those voting against were Council Members Gary Schiff, Elizabeth Glidden, Lisa Goodman, Betsy Hodges, Robert Lilligren, and Cam Gordon, the Council Member for Ward 2 which encompasses most of the University of Minnestoa campus.