Facebook whining

LetâÄôs dismiss any potential legal ramifications for a moment and consider why a person ought to have any say in what Facebook does and does not allow members to post. It is not in any way a publicly held company, nor is it funded or operated by members of the public in any manner that would require accountability for its policies to you or me. It is privately held, and as I understand it, only subject to laws about certain types of standard Internet crime and pornography issues, but past that it is answerable to no college student, professor or bored idiot. That said, if Facebook chooses to restrict one picture here, while letting another one pass by on another page, it is the administratorâÄôs prerogative. It could be racist, sexist, or just unfair judgment in your mind, but that is not their problem. They offer a free service, which frankly is the largest waste of time and energy confronting students and adults alike, and they control that service, without a hint of any democratic administration. If they take your suggestion, you could count that as a win âÄî or a loss âÄî but do not get bent out of shape about a breast-feeding woman missing her 15 minutes on Facebook. Life will go on, fully and partially exposed breasts feeding or sans an infant can be found in raunchy and âÄúclassyâÄù places across the Internet. Find another freedom of information/speech/expression subject to complain about and have the foresight to realize just how ridiculous your concerns and argument seem right now to some of us, and inevitably someday, to everyone concerned. Ian Brekke University student