University police arrest man in connection with 2003 riots

by Koran Addo

University police caught and arrested a Minneapolis man earlier this month wanted for a felony warrant stemming from the 2003 hockey riots.

The man, Nicholas Lagos, did not return phone calls.

University police were unavailable for comment.


University police cited three men this week for public urination.

According to police reports, an officer observed two men with their pants unzipped urinating near a dumpster.

While the officer was citing the two men, a third man walked to the same spot and urinated near the same dumpster.

All three were cited in lieu of arrest and released at the scene.


Fairview-University Medical Center and University police are conducting an investigation after an employee was placed on medical leave of absence.

The investigation comes after the employee admitted to taking syringes of narcotic pain medication from her place of employment, according to police reports.

Hospital spokesman Ryan Davenport declined comment.


Two weeks ago, University police responded to a call at a dental clinic in Moos Tower about a 3-year-old child walking around unattended.

According to police reports, when officers arrived on the scene, they learned the dental clinic staffs were physically restraining the child because of his violent and destructive behavior.


On March 12, University police responded to a call concerning a student employee being intimidated and harassed by a man posing as a television cameraman.

Amy Phenix, director of the University Relations office, said the television crew was filming a student employee working for the Office of Admissions, who was giving a tour of campus.

Phenix said the issue was resolved after she contacted the man, who was, indeed, a cameraman. Phenix described the incident as a very unusual circumstance because of an “odd misunderstanding.”


Last week, University police attempted to perform a traffic stop on a car at 11th Avenue Southeast and Washington Avenue Southeast in Minneapolis.

According to police reports, the suspect put the car in reverse and fled from officers.

The officers pursued the suspect for a short period of time, but canceled the pursuit at the request of an on-duty police supervisor.

Minneapolis police officer Ron Reier said officers have discretion whether to continue a vehicle pursuit based on the reason for the traffic stop and perceived danger to the public.