Man robbed at hammer-point

Also, a boy was arrested after an underage joyride in Prospect Park.

by Megan Nicolai

After a night of drinking, a man was robbed at hammer-point in an apartment building near campus.

The victim, 24, was robbed by two women early Sunday morning after drinking and wandering into the building, according to a Minneapolis police report. The two suspects, one of whom was holding a hammer, made off with the victim’s cell phone, his driverâÄôs license and $5.

The man drunkenly wandered into an apartment building on Fourth Street Southeast and fell asleep on the stairs, according to the report. He told the officers that when he drinks, âÄúhe wanders off,âÄù according to the report.

One woman told him to wake up, and demanded his money, cell phone and driverâÄôs license, according to the report.

The man told police he handed over the phone and license, but gave the woman just $5 and left.

Minneapolis police dropped him off at a friendâÄôs house near campus.

Late night joyride

An underage joyride landed one 14-year-old boy into the Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center on Thursday.

At roughly 2 a.m., a University of Minnesota police officer tried to pull over a car with its taillights out at the corner of University and 27th avenues southeast. After the officer turned on his lights, the vehicle fled, reaching speeds of more than 75 mph, according to the police report.

The juvenile eventually lost control of the car and crashed into a concrete barrier and a fire hydrant in St. Paul.

The driver ran away and tried to climb a four-foot fence in a parking lot. He fell off the other side, allowing the officer to grab hold of him.

The boy was cited for fleeing police in a motor vehicle, damage to property and fleeing on foot, according to the police report.

St. Paul Water Services responded to shut off the gushing hydrant, the police report said.

University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner described the incident as an early morning joyride.

âÄúHe took his parentsâÄô car without permission.âÄù