Honor vets with services

We need to help ease the transition for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

by Editorial board

This year on VeteranâÄôs Day, there is much to look forward to as troops are being withdrawn from Iraq. This also means that services for soldiers must be available for their homecoming.

As we honor our veterans, we should make sure these admirable men and women are receiving adequate services when needed. Whether they are new veterans or those who fought in past wars, there should be help and programs available to all.

Veterans should have first-rate help from the country they fought for when it comes to mental health wellness, physical rehabilitation services, job training and access to education.

Fighting overseas for any amount of time can make the transition of coming home and falling back into a daily civilian routine difficult. Our soldiers and veterans deserve all the services needed to help them make this transition home.

As we push for more and better services, we should all take a moment to honor our veterans Friday. Whether you know a veteran or not, these Americans sacrificed their lives to fight for us, so we should be grateful.

Today, the University of Minnesota will host an event honoring veterans. President Eric Kaler will speak at the McNamara Alumni Center at the appreciation event for these young veterans. Kaler will thank them and their families on behalf of the University.

We should not only honor our soldiers and past soldiers on this day, but we should also fight for more and better services to be available to them.

There should be programs offered to help veterans in any area they might need assistance after coming home. With troops leaving Iraq, this year is especially important to push for these crucial services.